Saturday, July 9, 2016

MiniMax The Portable Power Pack (As Seen On TV) Review

Have you ever been stuck on the road alone with no help and your car just won't turn on? Well, I have and it's scary for a woman to be stranded on a highway, road, or even worse a wooded area with no cellphone service available. With MiniMax you can have a piece of mind that you have a reliable portable jump starter and you don't have to rely on calling or asking for help which can be dangerous if you don't know that person. 
MiniMax is an all in one super handy gadget that has everything you need and want to jump start your car, truck, SUV, boat, ATV and charge your tablet, cellphone, and other devices. It also has built-in high powered 3-setting LED flashlight micro-USB charging port, 12V AC/DC adapter charging port, and a jumper cable port. Minimax is a powerful, lightweight jump starter that weighs only 11 ounces, it has a battery capacity of 7800 mAh lithium ION power pack and peak current jump starter of 400A. MiniMax fit easily in a glove compartment, purse, pocket, and jacket.
The package includes
The power pack
Car adapter
Micro USB to USB cable
Set of jumper cables
carrying pouch 
Instruction manual

When I got this wonderful opportunity to review MiniMax portable jump starter I was jumping for joy! This portable jump starter is perfect to have when the emergency occurs, whether your car won't start or your battery devices go low. MiniMax is there to save your day plus you save on spending money on tow trucks to tow your vehicle to a mechanic. MiniMax is also perfect to give to teenagers, so they will never get stuck on the road alone and it will keep their devices from running low.
As shown in the picture above is an easy guide instructions printed on the back of the MiniMax charger, it shows how to connect jumper cables to your car and to MiniMax charger. Having this printed makes it very easy for when in emergency tend to get nervous would forget how to connect so by having this printed on the back makes things way easier. 
The features are easy to understand and use, with 3 simple steps and my car turned on fast unlike other car chargers I bought that would take about 10 times to try to turn on my car but with MiniMax it took only 1 time and my car was on! Love it! With MiniMax I no longer have the need to stand near my car for help to come with this super handy gadget my car instantly turns on and stays on without shutting off again. For more info you can check out MiniMax at and you can also find MiniMax at Amazon 

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