Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ortholite Fusion Insoles Review

  • Designed to fit all athletic and outdoor shoes or boots
  • Made with open-cell foam, allowing air to circulate around the foot, keeping it cooler and drier inside the shoe
  • Wicks moisture away from your foot leaving your foot cooler and drier
  • Unique spring-back technology ensures that your insole won’t flatten out and it will retain over 95% of its thickness over time
  • Our patented anti-microbial formulation (approved by the EPA and FDA) fights fungus, bacteria and shoe odor
  • Lightweight and fully washable
  • $1 from each purchase of OrthoLite Fusion insoles made on goes directly to the Level Field Fund, a grant-giving program that strives to bridge the gap in funding to uniquely talented athlete

  •                                    Ortholite Fusion Insoles from the side 
     My mom and i been looking for the longest a foot insoles that would actually relieve our foot aches and pains. We recently had gotten this great opportunity to review Ortholite fusion insoles. When i first came across the site i was really impressed of what i read about the insoles being the world's leading suppliers of insoles that are found in millions pairs of shoes each year such as Nike, Asics, New Balance and UnderArmour plus what really interested me about ortholite is the cell foam and keeps sweat away.

    My opinion the foot insoles is so comfy im walking better meaning by my posture im not slouching, my back is not hurting for standing for hours my feet doesn't even bother me anymore plus the ortholite doesn't make me sweat it keeps my feet cool and dry unlike other foot insoles i had before that i end up throwing it away because it tends to sweat then stink so yucky. Ortholite is great and what i like about it is that i can take it out and place it on any of my shoes unlike other foot insoles that i had once i place it in the shoe it tends to get yucky underneath it when i take it out it leaves some of the fabric stains but not ortholite im super impressed with that.
    My mom opinion on ortholite she mentioned to me that it fits perfectly in all her shoes, sneakers even boots she told me their was no need for her to cut with scissors to shape it up for her shoes. She told me that the foam gives her support and relief for her knees and ankles she also mentioned to me how she can walk without her feet getting tired and aching. She mentioned that how much she really likes ortholite because it fully coverage underneath her whole feet from side to side and front and back because she told me that the other insoles she was using has a curve at the sides and those insoles is a few inches smaller than her feet so she really didn't have enough coverage. She said its a great product she never sweat she likes how the insoles keeps her feet nice and dry. 

    I must say how truly is this was a great experience trying ortholite i don't think i would ever go back to those other foot insoles that i used to buy before. Here's the site you can follow on Facebook and Twitter 

    Disclosure: I was not compensated for this product however I did receive this product to try and review all opinions are my own and my differ from your opinions. In Accordance with the FTC's 16 CFR, Part 255:"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising