Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cafe Don Pablo Coffee Review

Cafe Don Pablo Received:
* Subtle Earth Organic Coffee- Medium dark roast
* Signature Blend- Medium dark roast
* Gustavo's Reserve- Full body medium dark roast
      (1st picture) Gustavos' Reserve and (2nd picture ) Signature Blend 

Cafe Don Pablo slow roast their special beans in small batches to ensure rich in flavor & freshness. The company has the largest most desirable Arabica beans grown in nutrient rich volcanic soil in the mountainous terrain of the world's coffee growing regions you can read more about the company and its specialty by clicking right Here
                          In this picture is Subtle Earth Organic Coffee

Im a coffee lover and love trying all different flavors of coffee but to me it really has to have an authentic quality of taste, texture & aroma. When i was given this wonderful opportunity to review cafe Don Pablo coffees in flavor of signature blend, Gustavo's reserve and subtle earth organic i was most ecstatic. 

As shown in 2nd and 3rd picture above how beautifully deep color each coffee has, the depth of the color simply looks fresh and i can tell that the coffees beans were very well grown just by looking at the color of the coffee how deep it looks its so vivid doesn't has that dull dry look like other coffee from stores that i purchase.  
(1st picture) Subtle Earth Organic Coffee Brewing (2nd picture) Subtle Earth Organic Coffee without Coffee Creamer and (3rd picture) with Coffee Creamer

Subtle earth organic coffee Columbia, Guatemala and Peru finca San Antonio lies near Municipality of Villa Canales in the mountains of central Guatemala the coffee is planted all of work is carried out on the farm by hand. Subtle earth organic coffee has a medium dark roast. When i first tried it i was in heaven this one is now my favorite and i will purchase it when this bag is almost finished because thats how perfect is this coffee to me the flavor, taste, aroma, texture this coffee has it all and for it being organic its the most amazing great tasting coffee ever! love it with a passion is so delicious that when i has finished with my cup i end up making a second batch of cup of coffee. 

Gustavo's reserve Colombian estate 100% Arabic coffee freshly harvest & roasted. Gustavo's who is part of the Don Pablo family of coffee growers and roasters is a fourth generation of coffee farmer who's passion and commitment in highest quality of coffees he produces. Gustavo's reserve is full body medium dark roast which has a strong deep aroma yet is very flavorful so delicious with or without coffee creamer.

Signature blend Colombia, Guatemala & Brazil each of these coffees are blended and have a distinct body and characters and levels of acidity making this coffee blend complex has the balance aroma of milk chocolate, cedar, ripe tomato notes and the acidity is sweetly intense the finish is cocoa toned. All those combination which makes this coffee to be the best i love the taste its bold, intense yet sweet and pleasurable. I really like this coffee really has that traditional authentic taste my grandmother used to brew with her colador thats how she used to brew all her coffee not like now making coffee is so simple but back then coffee tasted more like coffee and thats how this signature blend reminds me the way my grandma used to brew her coffee tastes so pure and rich full of flavor. 

All of Cafe Don Pablo coffee is made with perfection and care their coffee taste so much different than the coffee i buy at the stores. Here's the site you can also follow on Facebook and Youtube 

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