Monday, March 7, 2016

Set of 2 Pieces + Tea Scoop Extra Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Brew in Mug Premium Tea Infuser Basket Review #ExtraFineMeshStainlessSteelBrewinMugTeaInfuserBask

About the product from the brand:
Set of 2 Pieces + Tea Scoop Extra Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Brew in Mug Premium Tea infuser Basket Perfect Cup Strainer for Loose Leaf & Herbal Spice Filter Sleeper Tea Ideal for Weight Loss with BPA Free Silicone Lid
    The Tea Brewing Basket or infusing Basket are the most popular for today's busy tea lover. Often sold along with oversized tea mugs, these baskets allow for easy infusing and discarding of loose-leaf tea leaves.The lid fit perfectly over the strainer. Additional to these two infuser you get a Tea Scoop-sized metal infuser that opens to fit your dried herbs inside and closes to put in your tea cup.
1-Bring fresh, cold water to a rolling boil (The ideal water temperature for brewing most teas should be around 195°F just slightly under water boiling that is 212°F). If the water is too hot, some teas may go bitter. If the water is not hot enough, the tea will taste dull and flat. Always start with the freshest, purest source of water (main ingredient) available as this will heavily impact tea's flavor.
2-Add tea leaves to tea infuser basket. Use 1 Tea Scoop-size (2.5 grams) of tea leaves per cup (8 Fluid ounces) of water depending upon desired strength and adjust to taste.
3-Pour boiling water directly over black, oolong and herbal tea. Allow water to cool slightly before brewing green tea, white tea or yerba maté. Always add the tealeaves to your cup or teapot first, and pour the water over. The act of pouring water over the tea leaves creates a little whirlpool effect that mixes the tea and water perfectly, beginning the brewing process.
4-Infuse (steep) leaves for 2-5 minutes; 3.5 minutes is a good standard steep time that works well for most teas. Do not oversteep or tea may become bitter. If you prefer strong tea, do not over steep; simply use more leaves.Steep your tea a little longer if you want a richer brew-from five to seven minutes, or up to ten minutes for real strength of character.
5-Remove tea infuser basket from water or strain leaves.
ENJOY! You don't need expensive equipment to make a great tea from dried herbs. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Buy one today and start enjoying great tea!!

I had received to review Set of 2 Pieces + Tea Scoop Extra Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Brew in Mug Premium Tea Infuser Basket. This is a tea lovers dream! I love this set, it's everything what I need for my teas. The steel brew and tea infuser are strong & sturdy that doesn't break nor bend easily. I love infusing my loose-leaf teas in the tea infuser, it's so easy to use, love it. Great quality of product, I'm so happy to review! You can find this wonderful set for your teas at Amazon  

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