Tuesday, February 25, 2014

AGEbeautiful Haircolor Review

* Anti- aging hair color permanent light cool brown 6V liquid- proven to fight all 5 signs of aging hair contains vitamin E for a healthy scalp and hair health delivers 2x more shine, dramatically softer more manageable hair, covers 100% gray hair for up to 8 weeks
* Anti-aging hair color permanent creme lightener- proven to fight all 5 signs of aging hair evenly lifts up to 8 levels for maximum lightening, contains keratin & silk protein formula provides superior conditioning for soft, shiny radiant hair, great for on & off scalp lightening, fragrance free
* Creme developer 20 volume and 30 volume for use on hair color 
1st picture- liquid light cool brown bottle
2nd picture- usage & timing chart for permanent hair color
1st picture-light cool brown 6V liquid and creme developer volume 20
2nd picture- mix haircolor and creme developer
3rd picture- haircolor on my hair
4th picture- finished results

I was given this wonderful opportunity to review AGEbeautiful haircolor products of anti-aging permanent haircolor of light cool brown 6V and creme lightener with two creme developer of volume 20 and 30. The company has many great hair products of blonding collection, creme developers, hair care and so much more. 

I had my hair colored red for years and its extremely kinky coarse hair and these hair color products from the stores are just not coloring my hair it just won't come out looking the right color that i want and when i came across AGEbeautiful site i wonder if this would actually color my hair so i chosen a different hair color instead of the usually red tones and all of their hair colors are so pretty and what got my attention was light cool brown 6V i was extremely excited to review it. 

As shown in picture above i used creme developer volume 20 and what i had noticed is that it doesn't have a strong ammonia scent at all unlike the ones i buy at the store that stinks and smells so bad i have to leave my bathroom window open but AGEbeautiful hair color i hardly noticed the scent of ammonia i was really impressed with that and another thing i was impressed is that it actually lightened up my haircolor (as shown in picture above) it didn't get to the color of light cool brown but it did lighten it up to a lighter red which was fine with me because it came out looking very pretty i was pleased with the hair color unlike the store brands i bought that it won't even lighten up my hair color so i was happy with this light cool brown. 

My mom was excited to review creme lightener she used creme developer volume 30 and i was with her when she got to review it i noticed how fast her hair color was changing i mean it took minutes for each level to get lighter that was fast and what i like about it was it didn't stink her hair wasn't changing orange or tangerine tones it was actually turning out very pretty she left it until the level that she liked and it was like a blondish color so pretty. She told me that this product is so different than the other creme lighteners she had used in the past she said she really like this AGEbeautiful creme lightener because her hair never fell off and her hair didn't turn orange color. She said she likes the results that the creme lightener given her hair. 

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this product however I did receive this product to try and review all opinions are my own and my differ from your opinions. In Accordance with the FTC's 16 CFR, Part 255:"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising