Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Multifunctional Can Opener Review #CanOpener,StainlessSteelMultifunctionalTin&CanOpen

 About the product from the brand:
  •  SOLID DESIGN TO GRAB THE LID. --The can opener is the top rated non-electric can opener on the market it can open cans in all shapes and sizes.It doesn't cut off the top of cans perfectly leaving you exposed to sharp edges and the possibility of cutting yourself.
    SLEEK AND SOPHISTICATED. -- Made of super strong stainless steel with easy to hold handles that provides excellent gripping surface. No more wrestling with the can and getting frustrated and It doesn't slip out of your hand plus RUST FREE!! Easy to wash - dishwasher safe is ideal
    EASY-TURN THUMBSCREW. -- With smooth-turning thumbscrew mechanism not too much wrist pressure needed. Operates cleanly and smoothly hassle free! A great way to get any can open in style, add this opener to your kitchen for a powerful accent that gets the job done
    SHARP, STAINLESS STEEL TEETH. -- A side-cut lid will not fit into the body of the can. Plus, a side-cut can opener's cutting teeth never actually contact the food.Its a great choice if you're buying for an elderly member of the family or are just tired of fishing top-cut can lids out of your food.
    LARGE HANDLE TO ABSORB PRESSURE - The can opener has large handle which can tolerate heavy use of restaurants easily and comfortably. The handles have non-slip able grips and give you extra strength to pierce a can. As it provides quick service to large number of customers and sustains for long term, its chefs favorite appliance in restaurants.
I received to review a stainless steel multifunctional can opener. It has a nice design, strong & sturdy construction that's built to last unlike my other can openers that last only a week. This can opener, opens all my cans with ease without having to put pressure nor it doesn't slip out of my hand while trying to open them up, it opens my cans very nicely. You can find the can opener at Amazon 

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