Saturday, July 30, 2016

Martini & Rossi Sparkling Wine Review

Martini & Rossi new founder partnership in their first vermouth In 1863. Till this day their original blend remains the same. From the hills in the heart of Piedmont, Martini & Rossi are an ideal growing environment and a habitat that enabled Moscato to be one of the world's most famous wines.  

Martini & Rossi had sent me to review their sparkling wines Asti and Rose. Asti is produced from the aromatic Moscato Bianco grape is grown in the Piedmont region and sparkling rose notes of aromatic fresh berries and delicate floral, with slight sweetness and a balanced acidity.
The wines have a great aroma with a refreshing mild taste that goes down smoothly without leaving a bittersweet aftertaste. Whether with or without ice, these wines have a fine, elegant taste that would please the senses and please your taste in luxury wine flavor. These wines would make a perfect gift for birthdays, and it would be perfect to serve when having families, guests and friends over for a get together party. This is a great quality of wine, whether to relax and enjoy or wrap it up and give to that special someone as a gift. You can find Martini & Rossi wines at 

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