Monday, May 9, 2016

Seat Cushion - For Coccyx and Pain Relief Review #Bumtiful #SeatCushion #Coccyx

About the product from the brand:
    Unlike other seat cushions, the Bumtiful Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion was carefully designed with your bum's needs in mind, no matter what shape or size. Perfect for men and women, young or old, these cushions also help pregnant women alleviate the weight of carrying their baby while sitting.

    Suffering bums are now a thing of the past. If you are a victim of tailbone or sciatica pain, this coccyx cushion can make a world of improvement in the quality of your life. It gives you the right support that makes sitting not just tolerable, but enjoyable again. Takes away pain by relieving direct stress and pressure from your tailbone & spine. This unique memory foam cushion prevents numbness and other types of pain brought by prolonged sitting.

    Proper posture makes a huge difference when sitting on a desk all day. Stress on your back decreases with the right posture, making you look good while sitting, while helping you avoid injury. This Bumtiful memory foam seat corrects your posture by relieving pressure points and facilitating correct lumbar curvature. It promotes proper spine alignment and helps you get through the daily grind with ease.

    Whether you're driving or in the office all day long, your seat should be your best friend. When choosing a seat cushion, select one that conforms to the natural contours of the body. The Bumtiful Memory Foam Seat Cushion is designed with the highest quality materials to never go flat. It retains its form even after extended periods of use. It is odorless, very comfortable, provides the right cushioning and helps disperse body weight equally.
I had received to review an orthopedic memory foam seat cushion for coccyx and pain relief. This breathable and ergonomic orthopedic seat cushion is a one size fits all, it reduces back pain from sitting all day. It has a very soft fabric, and the memory foam is firm that never flattens fast. This seat cushion is great for car seats, office chairs, etc. It provides comfort for the back and buttocks, while improving your posture. I have sat for hours on this seat cushion and it never bothered my back nor buttocks, what it does is helps to relieve stress on my back. You can find the seat cushion for coccyx and pain relief at Amazon 

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