Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Aqua Carpatica Review

Aqua Carpatica comes from the deep Carpathian Mountains, it's the world's only nitrate-free, loaded with all natural sparkling mineral water (nitrates are contaminated from the runoff from fertilizer use). The naturally sparkling mineral water offers skincare benefits from calcium, magnesium, natural carbonation and a nearly neutral pH of 6.5, which is the closest pH level of pure water on the market. 
Aqua Carpatica had sent me to review their naturally sparkling water and still spring water. The still spring water is derived from the Bajenaru aquifer, it's harvested at the surface using the latest technology that allows it to remain free of impurities. The naturally sparkling water is sourced from the Paltinis aquifer, resulting in a totally free from nitrate pollution or any other chemical, microbiological or physical impurity. 
What makes Aqua Carpatica different than the other water name brands I normally buy is that they're healthier, which is better for me and my family to drink to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These water bottles are perfect to take traveling, on-the-go, etc. They're the best water to drink and totally satisfies me. You can find them at 

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