Saturday, May 3, 2014

OxiClean Laundry and Dishwasher Detergents Review

OxiClean White Revive Laundry Stain Remover- Laundry only stain remover powder containing enzymes and optical brighteners to power out the toughest stains and keep your whites looking newer with its unique formula contains wow-white technology that works with your detergent when used on colorfast laundry. Revive brightens whites and helps maintain whites without any harsh chemicals such as chlorine, harsh fumes, yellowing or any color damage. 3lb. (45 loads) price is $7.99-$9.99 available at food, drug, mass and club retailers 

OxiClean 2in1 Stain Fighters Plus Color Safe Brightener- Toss paks in the wash with regular detergent as a convenient alternative to handling bulky bottles. For eliminating extra tough stains and soils place 1 pak into a gallon of water let it dissolve and let your garment soak 1-6 hours before washing. 10 count paks price is $3.99 available at food drug, mass and club retailers 

OxiClean Liquid Laundry Detergent- Attacks even tough dried on stains powered by three high performance enzymes, color safe, brightens and whitens to fight complex stains from blood, grass, wine, sauces and chocolate ice cream. Deep cleans clothes for brilliant whites and vivid brights the stain fighters penetrates fabrics to help bread down and lift out tough dried on stains. Available in fresh scent and free (perfume & dye-free) (38 loads) 60 oz. price is $6.97 available at food, drug, mass and club retailers 

OxiClean 4x Extreme Power Crystals- Dishwasher detergent with 4x concentrated oxygen cleaning formula that will target the toughest messes eliminating baked on stains, stuck on foods, cloudy film and odors fro a clean and sparkling clear dishes. Available in scents of lemon clean and fresh clean 20 loads (12.7 oz.) price is $3.99 mass/$4.99 food 

OxiClean MaxForce Gel Stick- Combines four types of stain fighters in a color safe gel formula to help get more out of the toughest dried in stains the first time. Works deep into clothing fiber to break down stains it lifts food stains from fabric, dissolve and trap grease and oil, bind to dirt and soils to suspend and rinse them away and target protein stains like grass and blood. 6.2 oz. price is $3.99 available at food, drug, mass an club retailers
OxiClean had given this great opportunity to review maxforce gel stick4x extreme power crystals dishwasher detergentliquid laundry detergent2in1 stain fighters plus color safe brightener and white revive laundry stain remover. Oxiclean targets those hard to take out stains such as grease stains, oil, grass, perspiration and so much more and gives clothing a newer looking brights and more vivid whites you can find a store locator in your area by clicking right here

Since i don't have a dishwasher but one of my readers who in my church group she has one so i decided to give the 4x extreme power crystals dishwasher detergent for her to try and she was excited i was with her at her house as she tried the dishwasher detergent and i have to say when i opened the bottle the fresh lemon scent smelled so fresh and crisp i absolutely loved the scent. As shown in picture above you can see its a white powdery color with blue crystals all around. When everything was done she opened the dishwasher i noticed how crystal clear was her glasses and the plates so clean and shiny she even told me that her glasses never looked like that before without any spots. She mentioned to me that shes going to buy the 4x dishwasher detergent instead of the other detergent she bought before.

I saw a huge difference with my clothes after trying white revive laundry stain remover i added it with oxiclean liquid laundry detergent and both combined really works fantastic together. The liquid laundry detergent i received is fresh scent and smells so good! my socks, blankets and my uncles work clothes came out really stain free plus it didn't fade out the colors of any of my clothing or blankets. As shown in picture above white revive laundry stain remover comes with a blue scoop. 

2in1 stain fighter paks and maxforce gel stick are my favorite and the reason why is the stain fighter paks are so much easier than carrying the bottle of a laundry detergent the paks are very light weight (as shown in picture above) their small and fast to drop in the washer while the maxforce gel stick is quick and easy to apply and it really had taken out the dirt from my uncles work clothes. 2in1 stain fighter paks i added them with oxiclean liquid laundry detergent left my clothes looking great! 

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