Thursday, May 29, 2014

Milani Cosmetic Review

Even-Touch Powder Foundation- Oil-free formula lightweight powder provides full coverage of a wear like liquid foundation. Mirror and applicator included.

Brow Fix Brow Kit- Shaping & grooming kit helps create perfect set of arches. The kit includes straight edged tweezers, slanted brow filler brush, brow bone sponge applicator, 3x magnifying mirror, brow bone highlighter, and two tone-on-tone powders that fills and shape brows. 

Distinct Lash- Clump-free formula lengthening & defining mascara that gives 3D effect with a single coat. Wraps every lash in a lightweight, flexible and curl volumizing film.  
Milani had given this great opportunity to review distinct lashbrow fix brow kit and even-touch powder foundation. The company has great selections of beauty products of makeup, nails, accessories and so much more. 

When i came across the company site i noticed how elegant their beauty products are and theirs one that really grabbed my attention and that is even touch powder foundation the case is stunningly beautiful looks like one of those expensive face powders but to my surprise the even touch price is so affordable of $7.99. 

The powder foundation absolutely feels so naturally soft on my face because this powder wears like a liquid foundation so it doesn't get flaky nor dries up my face what this powder does is glides on gently onto my skin and absorbs quickly plus gives my face a radiant look without the shine unlike my other liquid foundations does. What i like even better is their is a tab at the bottom i lift the tab up and inside is a face sponge how fancy is that i never seen that in any face powder makeup. 

My favorite has to be brow fix this kit has so many great features it has a 3x magnifying mirror, straight edged tweezers, slanted brow filler brush, brow bone sponge applicator, brow bone highlighter, and two tone-on-tone powders that fills and shape brows.

I always have more than 5 brow tools in front of me while im fixing my brows so with this kit it makes it so much easier and less cluttered i have everything i need to shape and fix my brows all in one kit. The color is perfect for my dark brown brows i can give my brows an extra lift of color if i want a high lite. The price is $6.99

The problem i been having with mascaras is that it would always end up clumpy even the waterproof too so i been looking for one that would give good volume and no clumps and when i tried distinct lash i noticed after hours of having it on that my lashes never got clumpy nor flakes falling on my under eyes i was so impressed plus it defines very nicely and really gives a 3D effect i mean these lashes looks so thicker and longer this is fantastic product. The price is $6.99 

Great quality products that looks expensive but their not here's the site you can also connect on  FacebookTwitter and Youtube 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this product however, I did receive this product by the company or their PR agency to try and review all opinions are my own and my differ from yours. In Accordance with the FTC's 16 CFR, Part 255:"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising