Wednesday, April 30, 2014

USANA Snack and Meal Replacement Review

Nutrimeal Shakes Flavor Wild Strawberry & Dutch Chocolate- Nutritionally balanced meal replacements that provides a healthy ratio of carbs, proteins, beneficial fats to help support health and weight. Protein blend, gluten free, low glycemic fiber, control hunger, feel energized and curb cravings. Mix three scoops with 10-12 ounce water for meal replacement or two scoops for a snack. Contains soybean and milk.
* Protein 15g
* Calories 240  
* Fat 7g

Soft Baked Gluten Free Protein Snack- High in protein, weight management, low glycemic, gluten free, no trans fat, non GMO.
Peanutty Bliss- Protein 11g, calories 160, fat 6g, vitamin A 3%, vitamin C 1%, calcium 3%, iron 5%
ChocoChip- Protein 11g, calories 160, fat 5g, vitamin A 3%, vitamin C 10%, calcium 3%, iron 10%
Fudge Delite- Protein 12g, calories 180, fat 6g, vitamin A 3%, vitamin C 10%, calcium 4%, iron 17%

Blender Bottle- Comes with a blenderball whisk, BPA free,  easy to clean 
 USANA had sent me to review nutrimeal dutch chocolate & wild strawberry and protein snacks chocochippeanutty blissfudge delite and blender bottle. The company has huge selection of products for diet & energy, personal care, nutritionals and so much more.Usana food products specifically are designed to help you manage your weight.  

Meal replacement shakes is very important to me for my daily lifestyle not only it fills me up but it adds more nutrients to my diet and nutrimeal dutch  chocolate & wild strawberry helps curb those cravings for sweets while controls my hunger for food. Each package includes a scoop (as shown in picture above) both flavors taste amazingly refreshing and its not sweet like other meal replacement shakes i had bought before in fact nutrimeal shakes taste so natural the wild strawberry taste like i blended fresh strawberries and the dutch chocolate has a delicious all natural chocolate malt shake taste. Nutrimeal dutch chocolate & wild strawberry price are $30.75 each 

As stated on package of nutrimeal for meal replacement add three scoops with 10-12 ounces of water can either use blender or blender bottle, for just a snack add two scoops. I prefer blender bottle the reason being is its less mess than using a blender also by using a blender bottle its faster so much easier. The blender bottle i received i love it with a passion its durable, easy to clean plus with the blenderball whisk i have my protein shakes done in seconds. As shown in picture above at the side of the blender bottle states "your health. your life. your way" those are great words for encouragement for me to keep a healthy lifestyle. Blender bottle price is $5.95

Protein snacks flavors of peanutty bliss, chocochip and fudge delite are chewy very moist packed with full of flavor each are topped drizzled with icings taste so scrumptious! Its the perfect snack without having the guilt of snacking on high calories. I absolutely enjoy each flavors of these snacks not only their satisfying but also fills me up and i love the fact i can as many and not worry about calories. Each of these protein snacks price are $32.95 

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