Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Glutino Gluten Free Crackers Review

Crackers MultiGrain- Zero trans fat
Table Crackers Original Premium Squares- Zero cholesterol, zero trans fat
Snack Crackers Rosemary & Olive Oil Naturally Flavored- Protein 3g. zero cholesterol and zero trans fat
Gluten Free Pantry Favorite Sandwich Bread Mix- Good source of fiber, protein 4g. calcium 8%, iron 4%, zero trans fat, zero saturated fat and zero cholesterol
Glutino had sent me to review crackers multigrain, table crackers original premium squares, rosemary & olive crackers and favorite sandwich bread mix. Glutino also have a Gluten free guru and her name is Lauren Lucille Vasser also known as Celiac Diva! Lauren is a gluten free beauty expert, she has an online show and blog her passion is to help others to live a gluten free lifestyle. You can learn more by clicking right here

Some of you maybe familiar of Lauren you may have followed her beauty regiment but i never knew until now about Lauren and im sure glad i do now even though i live a gluten free lifestyle and love gluten free foods but i read about Lauren and what she does and she can give me some more tips and tricks about gluten free lifestyle of beauty and skincare.

Glutino has the best crackers not only their delicious but the one's i had reviewed has zero trans fat. These cookies are scrumptious! i love it best with a side of cup of coffee also with gluten free cheese, and fat free butter. My favorite one was rosemary & olive oil it has such a boost flavor of olive oil thats simply unbelievably great taste. 

Multigrain was my family favorite they had their multigrain cracker with cheese and cream cheese and they told me that they couldn't believe thats its gluten free because it taste so good and i have to agree these multigrain has so much full flavor of grains taste so good! love it with my coffee (as shown in picture above). 

Table crackers are square big size, thin and so delicious. I loved with a passion i had the table crackers with gluten free soup i have to express these crackers goes very well with soup so yummy! And the most that really interested me is the gluten free pantry favorite sandwich bread mix and the reason why is that unlike other bread mix that you need to buy the yeast this gluten free pantry comes with a 1/ 4 tsp two packets of yeast how great is that love it i didn't need to purchase the yeast at the store. It has very easy instructions on how to make the pantry sandwich plus has a recipe on the box how to make cinnamon raisin bread. 

Glutino always has great quality of gluten free snack, mix, cookies, breads and so much more they even have recipes check it out by clicking right here

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